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Materials for Apparel / Ornament

  6 12 24 PER PAGE


tapis kaca kuning

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hinggi – sumba island

sumba is a small, arid island about 300 miles to the east of bali. the main exports are cattle, sandalwood horses, and textiles. sumba’s hinggi (men’s blankets) are unique in indonesia in their bold, dramatic, pictorial iconography. interestingly,

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the word “ikat” comes from the indonesian word meaning “to bind or tie” ikat textiles are the result of a process where the design is created by the tying off of specific unwoven threads in order for those areas to resist the repeated dye baths that

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the magic of indigo

one of nature’s rarest colors is arguably the most historically significant, becoming so valuable that the brutal, mercenary production methods employed in bengal, india, led to the indigo revolt of 1859. the non-violent revolt, which some say was

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