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Art & Antiques

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ibeji figure

handsome ibeji figure from nigeria. standing on large narrow feet, wearing sandals, the female with elongated arms by her sides, jutting breasts, and islamic triangle on chest, she has beaded ornaments around neck and waist, as well as metal wristban

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Sold By Fernandez Leventhal Gallery


bwa mask

bwa mask from burkina faso, very old example with overhanging forehead, slender nose, diamond shaped jutting mouth with jagged teeth, short hanging beard, and small concentric eyes against a flat facial plane. thick densely encrusted and coarse black

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Sold By Fernandez Leventhal Gallery


swami's beach palm, jmpp-9001

davis designs image printed directly to a distressed wood panel. also available in metal.

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Sold By Red Horse Arts


13453. roman elaborate gold & garnet earrings

eastern roman, ca. 2nd century ad

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Sold By Art for Eternity


19th century fijian yaqona bowl

fiji beautifully worn yaqona bowl - definte signs of use, adze carved, deep red brown patina. used in ceremonies to make yaqona, yaqona - made from from the roots of the pepper plant

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Sold By Raccanello Tribal Art


19th century murray river club, ex rufolf leo

19th century murray river aboriginal club l62cm w11cm , finely carved and balanced. beautiful red brown patina, signs of wear. featuring oppositely aligned vertical notches on one side, dotted notches both sides. a broken nail at the bottom of the ha

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Sold By Raccanello Tribal Art


alarming willingness ii , 2018

binay sinha 2018 watercolor & acrylic on handmade paper 27 x 20 in

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Sold By Gallery 1202


apples x 5

paper, clay, acrylic color, polyvinyl chlorides 3 9/10 × 5 9/10 × 5 9/10 in

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Sold By S. E. A.


chinese painting

rare chinese original watercolor on silk mountain landscape wall scroll painting

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Sold By Buy The Way Artiques


dan kono early 20th century

contact.jpg dan kono early 20th century ivory coast wood, metal, cloth, and fiber

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Sold By Brian Nault Tribal art


elk lifestyle crevent table decor 015540

item width: 10 item depth: 10 item height: 21 item diameter: 10 item weight: item materials: iron, marble

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Sold By ELK Home



set of 3:concrete pots/mood moss dimensions: h:6.5" w:4" d:4"

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Sold By Foster's Point

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