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Sign up as a retail consumer and make a go-to source for art, antiques and furnishings. If you’re on a quest for a specific piece or simply want to browse until that special item strikes you as a must-have, this is the platform. Vendor collections are categorized, consolidated and well-presented with all the needed information and details and you can find and track favorites with ease. Absorb yourself in the treasure-filled Unimerce realm of the online market space!


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As a busy Trade Buyer, Unimerce extends your reach to globally source and simultaneously resell products for instant profits! This trade-centric platform allows you to follow suppliers, trends and add value to client endeavors. Partner your design knowledge and expertise with Unimerce as a helpful facilitator and trusted source. Enjoy fruitful searching and cost-effective buying for your valued clients. Join today!


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As a busy supply chain partner, Unimerce can benefit your company. If you’re a manufacturer or distributor who wants to keep pace with technology and embrace the "new", Unimerce can assist. Gain access to global inventories for easy resale and redistribution. Advanced product and pricing filtering ensures your profit margin privacy. The platform’s features and functions have multi-channel and specialty pricing "baked in".  As a manufacturer/distributor, Unimerce can be a viable and profitable new sales channel. The platform empowers you to seamlessly manage global logistics and branding and remain competitive.


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 As a seller, Unimerce amplifies your brand and expands marketing get that coveted exposure to valuable potential buyers, both business and consumer. We speak to both trade and retail.  Increase backlinks to your site and member web site authority ranking. Create and expand your own custom eBooth virtual showroom, you are the architect of your product showcase.  Selling/reselling on Unimerce is smoothly efficient. A simple, yet robust shipping module lets you easily manage and control your shipping.  The platform is a branding search engine and directory registry…never underestimate the power of a directory!  Establish your vendor presence within our comprehensive directory and get found today!


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The Show Promoter is a key player and partner in the world of Unimerce. They are thoughtful leaders and organizers who take advantage of the latest technology created by Unimerce. As a show promoter, Unimerce understands that you want increased attendance, popularity and longevity for your show and to strategically and harmoniously work with eCommerce, while preserving and scaling your brand. As a sponsored show promoter on Unimerce, you are the architect and organizer of your show. The invitation module lets you easily and efficiently invite vendor exhibitors to participate. You can purchase the eBooth virtual showroom for your participating exhibitors or have them purchase their own eBooth…Unimerce offers you the choice and flexibility.  Increase the marketing reach of your show and vendor exhibitors and create that desireable branding impression…your shows “pop” on Unimerce!


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