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 As someone who appreciates fine arts, furnishings and collectibles...explore Unimerce! is an online marketplace and virtual design center that sponsors fine arts, furnishings and collectibles trade shows and fairs worldwide. As a registered user, you have unlimited access to these shows and can browse eBooth virtual showrooms to easily track and purchase items. The quest for the ultimate shopping experience...I have a comfortable lifestyle and disposable income and my family and I have lived in our dream home for many years. My spouse and I share our home's interior decorating duties and vision because it's something we both enjoy and do well together, as a team. I have a refined taste and appreciation for fine home furnishings and like to shop and browse beautiful things. Question: If you can de-clutter a house, why can't you de-clutter the process of shopping for home goods and collectibles? I want to find hidden treasures online, not by having to fight the traffic, crowds and weekend warrior antique shoppers. I want to ideally find these treasures in one place, without having to "surf" the Internet. Give me easy search and click navigation and I'm happy!  I want to access quality products with accompanying detail info, consolidated, organized and well-presented. As a hobbyist, I also have some personal pieces I'd like to sell and need a place and platform to sell my product. I've been searching for just the right place to present my pieces. ...If this scenario sounds familiar, then let Unimerce help!  Take advantage of the valuable tools that Unimerce has to offer and sign up today!


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As a busy Trade Buyer, here's what Unimerce can do for you! Unimerce extends your reach to globally source and simultaneously resell products for instant profits! As an online marketplace and virtual design center, Unimerce sponsors fine art, furnishings and collectibles shows worldwide.  Turning Social into Business: My Story   I'm a young design professional who dabbles in re-selling, I combined social and style to create a design career. I have a strong social circle that often overlaps and manifests into new clients for me. In today's ubiquitous social media, business is social and social is business. I have a strong sense of independence and seek financial independence.  I want my hard work and dedication to translate into success in my industry and among my peers, on both a small and large scale. I want to add value to my clients using my knowledge and expertise.  My goal is to create an electronic showroom featuring my signature products. I want to follow suppliers and trends and build my brand...I want to build a bigger, better brand!  If the above scenario sounds familiar, then join Unimerce!   It only takes a few minutes to register so sign up today!


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As a busy supply chain partner, Unimerce can benefit your company!   With, you can access global inventories for easy resale and redistribution. Advanced product and pricing filtering ensures your profit margin privacy.  Unimerce is an online marketplace that sponsors fine art, furnishings and collectibles trade shows worldwide.    The Company Guy  I run a successful manufacturing and distribution business and learned the business through family before striking out on my own.  I worked hard to grow my company to what it is today and want to preserve that generational legacy. I have a solid "old school" foundation in operations and have to embrace the "new", including keeping pace with new technology and utilizing it to my advantage.  Time management is always a challenge, I need to find the best tools to streamline processes.  I use multi-channel pricing and specialty pricing and always on the lookout for new sales channels.  Getting the best prices and best deal is my guiding principle.  A big part of my business is engaging and managing global logistics, promotion and brand.  I want to remain competitive and understand that success often requires global access to buying and selling.   Sound familiar?  If so, be a part of the Unimerce family of buyers.  It only takes a few minutes to register so sign up today!


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 As a busy seller, consider what Unimerce can do for you!  Unimerce is an  online marketplace and desktop virtual design center that sponsors fine art, furnishings and collectibles shows worldwide.  Connect with popular shows so you can participate as an exhibitor and present your products to either professional buyers or retail.  These buyers profit by using Unimerce as a procurement tool, which instantly rewards through the "sell it now" feature.  Your eBooth is a powerful, multi-channel electronic showroom, role-based pricing streamlines sales and drives distribution . What are your Pain Points?  I want to expand my reach to new customers and increased exposure.   Solution:   Drive prospective designers, decorators, architects and professional buyers right to your computer screen! You're only a few keystrokes away from a new customer relationship and sale. I need to add variety, selection and appeal to my inventory. Solution:  Get worldwide access to customers and inventory. Unimerce shows are product venues that span the globe, not limited by physical location and date/time restrictions associated with conventional shows. High rents forced me to close my physical location. Solution:   As a Unimerce Vendor, there is no costly overhead and the price of an ebooth is affordable.  The Unimerce motto is "the show must go on!" Your presence and participation in a Unimerce show is on-going and long-term. Shipping and logistics is always a challenge…what a hassle! Solution:  Unimerce has a friendly and intuitive shipping module that makes shipping simple and efficient.  I want sales! Solution:  Unimerce understands the "sweat equity" you put into your business. Your sales / financial goals are rewarded as you engage various sales channels on Unimerce.   Be a part of the Unimerce family of vendors!   It only takes a few minutes to register so sign up today!


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  As an experienced Show Promoter, should you consider Unimerce?  Unimerce is an online marketplace and virtual design center that sponsors fine art, furnishings and collectibles shows worldwide. Show Promoters are: -  A key player and partner in the world of Unimerce! -  Leaders, organizers and heroes to the online world who take advantage of the latest technology created by Unimerce!   I want to be a show promoter when I grow up: I have a career background in conventions and trade shows and my goal is to offer a superb show-going experience to buyers and sellers. As a show promoter, I want:   -  increased attendance, popularity and venue longevity!   -  increased influence, status and promoter value.     -  to spot trends that benefit buyers and sellers.    -  to work with e-Commerce, while preserving and scaling my brand.  The site facilitates the three Ps of creating an online event:  Planning, Production and Presentation!  As a sponsored show promoter on Unimerce, you document and manage your show and invite exhibitors to populate their eBooth.  You have the option of purchasing the eBooth for your exhibitors or having them purchase their own eBooth for exhibiting in your show. The eBooth is a virtual showroom that vastly extends the marketing reach of a product. It enables profit margin privacy in both wholesale and retail markets.   If the above scenario sounds familiar, then be a part of the Unimerce family of show promoters. It only takes a few minutes to register and it's free...sign up and start planning your first show today!


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