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PASADENA Antiques & Design

10/25/2019 - 10/26/2023

Promoted by: Roy Aldridge


Show Information

Show Location

Start Date 10/25/2019
End Date 10/26/2023
Promoted By Roy Aldridge
Address 330 S. Fair Oaks Avenue
City Pasadena
Phone (626) 389-3938
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Antiques show featuring dealer/exhibitors specializing in furnishings, art, vintage jewelry, Venetian glass and more.

A vast and varied selection of beautiful, highly unique and hard-to-find items.


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Ning Xia Chinese Rug


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Jean Mannheim painting


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Banjo Player


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English Walnut Settee


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Antique Rug Mohtashem Allover Design


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English Edwardian Cylinder desk


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Wood Carved Italian mirror


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19th C Tribal Rug Rare Turkmen


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Antique Tapestry


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Magnificent 1870s north west Persian Heriz


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Antique Heriz Rug


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Antique chess board organic Kurdish rug


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Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, 500 Copies Numbered.


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Antique cargo bag


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Where 17 century tiger carpet


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Magnificent 1840s silk rug


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Juan Guzman org painting


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Orginal oil on canvas. Painting, canvas size 20" x 24".


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Antique oil painting second 1920 venetian canals


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