Unimerce Trade Show Search Engine And Marketplace - For The Fine Art, Antique And Furnishings Industries


What are some advantages of Unimerce?

You can expand the marketing reach of your product and potential customers, our shows are held worldwide and comprised of vast global inventories and products. Additionally, our unique "role-based pricing" feature allows you to sell the same item at different prices to different people who perhaps have different buying goals and roles in the marketplace. For example, a manufacturer can sell to a retailer at one price, a trade buyer at another and a consumer at another.

Who can sign up for the site?

Anyone can sign up for Unimerce and depending on your interest and professional capacity, you choose your desired role type at registration. Perhaps you identify as a vendor looking for more product exposure or a designer looking to discover new products or a fine arts collector or enthusiast. The site is both a platform and a community, it consolidates a highly-fragmented marketplace, allowing all players to expand their reach and distribution.

Does it cost anything to join the site?

No, sign up is free! You are required to pay a small fee for posting capability through eBooth©. eBooth is a virtual showroom within Unimerce that allows exhibitors to present and sell their products.

What do the different roles mean when I sign up? Which one should I choose?

There are five (5) role types to choose from at registration:

GENERAL PUBLIC (General User) - Open to all.

Improve your reach, stay on top of trends and see the latest and greatest.

TRADE BUYER - Must be a licensed business.

For Decorators, Architects and Designers. (non-retail pricing)

INDUSTRY BUYER - Must provide proof of business, including a tax identification number.

For Bulk Buyers and Stocking Distributors.

VENDOR - Must have a valid PayPal Business Account.

Vendors can sell through eBooth.

SHOW PROMOTER - Through Unimerce sponsorship, create your own show, increase your show's popularity and attendance and invite exhibitors to populate their eBooth!  Save thousands by replacing expensive catalogues with a more permanent electronic solution.

For Show Promoters experienced in trade show planning and operations. 


What is an eBooth?

The eBooth is an eCommerce storefront. It's a virtual and interactive showroom where you present and sell products.

What do I get for having my own eBooth?

Your eBooth includes a personal profile section with your contact information that's available to other online buyers, business owners and show promoters. When a buyer discovers something they like, the system automatically determines that person's buying role and accurately displays the respective price intended for that buyer.

Only registered professionals see the trade pricing you provide. This helps increase your sales opportunity because professional buyers recognize you as a credible business/business supplier and non-disruptive supply chain partner.

How much does an eBooth cost?

For promotional purposes and a limited time only, the eBooth costs only $19.95 for 90 days. After 90 days, your eBooth is locked and not accessible, however Unimerce encourages you to upgrade to the monthly Subscription Plan.  A subscription costs $19.95 per month and there is a small, 1.82% transaction fee for each item sold.  As a promotional incentive, show promoters can purchase eBooth in bulk and award these free, complimentary eBooths to their confirmed exhibitor invitees.  The complimentary eBooth is free for 90 days and after 90 days, you have the option of upgrading to subscription.

What is a Curated Show?

A "curated show" is a term used for shows that have been inspected and filtered by qualified experts who review exhibitors and confirm the authenticity and integrity of items they present within the show. These experts have the authority (and will) remove suspected items or exhibitors. Their purpose is to ensure you are viewing only legitimate and authentic items sold by reliable dealers.

I already have a website, what can you do for me?

Healthy volumes and generous profit margins are key to the success of any business. We provide access to inventory and exclusive discounts that you control as incentives through our "designer price" feature in your eBooth. As a supplement to your own web site, you can join an amazing online marketplace community that gives you invaluable access to other buyers, trade shows and stores. The tools you get with Unimerce lets you grow and improve your business, network with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, stay on top of trends and much more.