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Chupicuaro Fine Standing Figure

Fine buff-brown solid pottery standing figure, holding her hands to her torso. Nicely striated hairdo with a headband having a large disc ornament, wearing a necklace, ear spools and left wrist cuff. Some remaining red, white and black painted highli

SKU No. Pre-Columbian Art


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Arte Primitivo

3 East 65th Street - Suite 2
New York, NY
USA 10065
Tel.: 212- 570-6999  

8 in (W) x 12 in (L) x 4 in (H)


The Arte Primitivo Gallery of Pre-Columbian Art and Books was originally founded in 1961 by William and Mildred Kaplan, dedicated to the needs of archaeologists, scholars, collectors, and students. The name and location of the gallery in midtown Manhattan were acquired by Rose, who renovated the premises and re-opened the gallery in early September 1996.

 We offer these fine pieces of art through absentee auctions, exhibitions, sales, and purchases.


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