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Abstract painting


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Carla Elena Art Collection S.A. de CV

Paseo de Tamarindos 90, Torre I, Local PB 21, Col.
Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City,
Mexico 05120
Tel.: (55) 2727 3424 

8 in (W) x 12 in (L) x 4 in (H)


His influences come from the naturalistic and expressionist nude, from elements of surrealism (automatic writing and dreams), from the "spirit" of the first period of abstraction and from some techniques of Action painting.She is a self-referential artist, her intimate work, at the same time exuberant and profound, recalls the great confessional exercises of Saint Augustine (one of her most important exhibitions was called "Permission and Censorship").Her artistic career is like the visual diary of a woman who speaks of herself with authenticity and ease, works with her - and sometimes with her double or Alter ego - because they are subjects she knows well. However, the most recent art of Carla Elena emphasizes an "I" that focuses on contemplation and knowledge of "itself".The works of this Mexican artist have been presented in important art galleries as well as in cultural spaces -public and private- in Mexico, the United States and Europe.


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Abstract painting

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