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Yomud Asmalyk

Yomud Asmalyk (236) (1104) 3' 7" x 2' 4" (109 x 71 cm)Yomud Asmalyk from western Turkmenistan with original tassles and decorationAge: circa 1880Size: 3'.7"x2'.4" (109x71 cm)The hexagonal lattice design is defined by nested ashiks in ivory,navy,red a

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Hagop ManoyanLLC

37 East 28th st. Suite 502 k
New York, NY
USA 10016
Tel.: 212-532-4614 

8 in (W) x 12 in (L) x 4 in (H)


Hagop primarily deals in antique rugs and carpets. Along with authentic carpets, he also has an abundance of textiles of all kinds, but above all, he specializes in Caucasian, Anatolian, Persian, Turkmen, Baluch rugs and those of Europe as well. He also offers tribal trappings and bags, along with kilims, soumaks and other flatweaves. Together with the invaluable assistance of his wife Kozet, who is very helpful in every aspect of the business, Hagop remains one of the most active dealers of collectible and tribal rugs, participating in antique and trade shows all over the United States and Europe.


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