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Japanese Shigaraki Clay Glass Crucible

Japanese Ceramic Vessel

SKU No. WJA14K056


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$4,800.00 USD

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Honeychurch Antiques

Mount Vernon, WA
USA 98274
Tel.: 360.445.2564 

Large and uncommon glass crucible from Shigaraki Japan. Shigaraki clay has a high groat content which allows for extreme contrast in temperature. The crucible was placed on its side in a large wood burning kiln until the glass inside would flux. A heavy deposit of molten glass and wood ash has adhered to the exterior top as well as the interior. Rare.

Edo Period Early 19th c. 

Dimensions:  21" high x 18" wide

18 in (W) x 18 in (L) x 21 in (H)

brown, black

Honeychurch Antiques

Honeychurch Antiques in Mount Vernon carries an eclectic blend of Asian art from as early as the fifth millennium BC up to the early half of the 20th century. Furniture includes 18th -19th century Chinese and Japanese furniture, paintings, screens, and prints, as well as porcelains and pottery including Han Dynasty (3rd century B.C.) burial figures from China, and 14th-century Vietnamese porcelains discovered in an early shipwreck. Items range from exceedingly rare objects worthy of any museum's collections to the wonderfully decorative antique perfect for home decor. The gallery has earned an international reputation for integrity in business, in addition to well-chosen and thoroughly researched art.


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