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Bill Jackson, Canal Down, 2015,

Archival pigment, 22

SKU No. Photography


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Walter Wickiser Gallery

210 11th Ave STE 303,
New York, , NY
USA 10001
Tel.: 212-941-1817 

8 in (W) x 12 in (L) x 4 in (H)


Wickiser's career as an art dealer formally began in 1990 in Soho, NY, when he became the first director of the first gallery to be established in the United States from mainland China. This led to establishing his primary direction as a gallery director to exhibit work by American and Asian-American painters, as well as artists from China, Japan and Korea. It has always been the focus of the Wickiser Gallery to create a visual dialogue between various cultures, and simultaneously reminds us of the ability of art to transcend cultural boundaries. 


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Bill Jackson, Canal Down, 2015,

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