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antique east anatolian kurdish tug

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authentic 19 century antique kazak

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authentic 19 century antique peking chinese rug

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jan cosiers, 'saint john the baptist', oil on canvas

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authentic 19 century kurdish masterpiece

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19th c antique turkmen chaudor main carpet

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california tile

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paul chocarne moreau, 'an unsuitable pastime', oil on canvas

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Canadel Inc.

Canadel is a family-owned company. We believe in manufacturing products that are hand-assembled and hand-finished following the highest quality standards in the industry, according to environmentally-friendly processes. Since 1982, the Canadel vision. . .

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CDI International

CDI Intl. is one of the top and most reputable home furnishing suppliers. We strive to provide our customers with not only a well designed and quality product at a fair price, but also first-rate customer service from our sales force and in office te. . .

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Delta Children

Our mission is to provide products for baby's comfort and for your peace of mind.Chemicals have no place in your nursery, that is why all Delta Children’s products are completely non-toxic and free from heavy metals, lead, and other dangerous substan. . .

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Ever-changing displays of international artists take place at this compact modern sales gallery.

YOD Gallery

YOD Gallery was opened in the New Year of 2008 in Nishitenma in Osaka, as a contemporary art gallery. YOD Gallery was established to work together with these dynamic creators to actively establish new values in Japan and abroad. Artistic expression i. . .

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provides a focal point in the Bay Area for those interested in the traditional arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas.

Friends of Ethinic Art

FEA provides a focal point in the Bay Area for those interested in the traditional arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas.. . .

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Kincaid Furniture

For four generations, Kincaid Furniture has been built on a philosophy to make wood furniture in its most natural form; using Solid Wood construction.At Kincaid Furniture, we focus our efforts and our resources on those details that provide the great. . .

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Bokara Rug Co,Inc

Dedicated to commitment, quality and design. Founded in 1975 by owner Jan Soleimani, Bokara has provided nothing less than the highest quality and finest area rugs for over four decades. Originally a dealer of antique and rare rugs, Jan keenly felt t. . .

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Art Gallery

Century Guild Museum of Art

Century Guild is a private museum, art gallery, and archive specializing in artworks 1880-1920 with emphasis on Art Nouveau & Symbolism. . . .

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