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Soleimani Rugs

Welcome to Mystical Antique Rugs - A great place to be exposed to organic spectral radiation derived through nature. These antique weavings have deeply embedded substructures, that on a quantum level, will set your soul on happy mode! Collectors, Scientists, Scholars...have Fun and Halifax Out! We only deal in genuine vintage and antique hand made rugs and tapestries.You are welcome to visit our warehouse by appointment, located in Pasadena, CA

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Sebastian Deya Gallery

The Gallery was founded in 2007, coming from a family gallery with 30 years of experience in South America.With a Gallery in Buenos Aires, office and deposit in Miami, deposit in NY, we guarantee a professional service in packaging and delivery of our fine art.Sebastián Deyá Gallery is a privately-owned family business that acquires and sells to other art dealers and private clientèle worldwide. All works are authentic and well preserved, all acquisitions are provided with a certificate of authenticity.Born into a family of art and antique dealers, Sebastian has always had a passion for paintings. Specialist in European works of art seeks quality and good taste pieces..

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Antique Dealer

Linwoods Gallery

Linwoods Art is a premier gallery in LA. Over the decades, the gallery has emerged in stature to encompass a network of renowned artists and art connoisseurs worldwide Linwoods provides the highest standards of Appraisal and Valuation services in the Chinese Works of Art and Paintings, through traditional estate sales and advanced art management.

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Art Dealer

Galerie Karin Carton LLC

Karin Carton has been established as an art dealer since 1986. After graduating from the Louvre Museum in Paris, she opened her first gallery in Versailles, France. She first specialized in 19th-century French painting. She has just opened now a new gallery in Pasadena, CA. She now offers contemporary paintings and sculptures.

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